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ME AND THE GENERAL is the highly engrossing biography of a man named Ralph Liguori, whose life was intertwined with the “infamous” Charles “Lucky” Luciano — and of the betrayal of a would be president, Thomas E. Dewey, in the N.Y. 1936 prostitution trial.

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authorRosemary Valenti, born in Cleveland, Ohio, began her career at the ABC affiliate WEWS-TV Channel 5; almost ten years later, she left for Rome, Italy, to pursue other challenges. Began at the Institute of American Poultry, attached to the American Embassy (which introduced American turkey to Italy), followed by co-ownership of the European Coach & Travel Co. (met Ralph Liguori). Joined FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN), World Bank, and, ultimately, Rockwell International (first shuttle to the moon). Married Italian Captain Eugenio Guarnera (deceased). Divides time between the two countries.

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